Ten Things You Can’t Miss In Melbourne

There’s a lot to like about Melbourne. Melbourne for a long time bears the title of World’s Most Livable City. You soon realize that other cities fail compared to Melbourne while touring it. These are ten things that you should not miss about Melbourne while travelling in this beautiful city.

  1. Rooftop bars – The rooftop bars of Melbourne are considered some of the trendiest nightlife spots in the city, accessible via hidden elevators and dingy staircases. They are located above all the overseas bars. Showing Melbourne’s brilliant skyline, you are sure to be looking for Melbourne in memories of places. Enjoy chilly nights at the Naked Sky, Rooftop bar and Madame Brussels.
  2. Markets – Visit the markets as they offer a vast variety of shopping options. The town’s numerous markets, including Queen Victoria, the Rose St Market and the St Kilda Esplanade Market, as well as the shops, hot jam and hawkers are the best options for buying a wide range of local products.
  3. Festivals and Events – Melbourne hosts numerous international festivals and events throughout the year. Choose to visit and witness from various exhibitions, concerts, stage shows, community fundraisers, food festivals, and pop – up shops.
  4. Public Transport – Public transport in Melbourne is relatively easy to operate in comparison to other towns. You can travel anywhere by public transport to various important tourist spots. Enjoy the special tram ride for a ride with the beautiful scenery. Don’t miss them and their charming bells when you move to the town.
  5. Diverse Food – Melbourne is a multicultural city and home to immigrants from over 200 countries, meaning that the food scene is an ethnic flavoured minestrone. Enjoy a wide range of cooking from genuine Italian food on Lygon Street to Vietnamese food on Victoria Street.
  6. Street Art and Architecture – Melbourne is cool without effort, complemented by the labyrinth of lanes that function as urban landscapes. The arts-free inner suburbs of the city, including the Square of Federation and the Southbank Red Stair Amphitheater, provide stylish places to live. Witness the best of the art, street art and beautiful architecture and landscapes.
  7. Dine the Wine – There are many wine regions around Melbourne within 2 hours drive from the city. These wineries include Goulburn Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley, Macedon Ranges, Sunbury, Geelong and Bellarine. Nearby are the best wine companies in Melbourne. Buy a Pinot and Prosecco bottle directly from the cellar door, and sip the charm of the local grapes.
  8. Gardens – Known as the Garden State, Melbourne offers plenty of parks and gardens that are ideal to escape from the hectic heats of the city’s streets. Melbournes people love immersing themselves in the greenery from the hidden oasis of the Royal Botanical Gardens, historic Carlton Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens and Alexandra Gardens. You should not miss frequent visits to various marvellous gardens in Melbourne.
  9. Brunch – Late risers are served in the flourishing brunch scene in Melbourne at 11 a.m. with the crowds, allowing you to cruise at your own pace between breakfasts and lunches. Birch muesli, broken avocado and ricotta hotcakes are among the favourites on the menu. These meals are more difficult to get through abroad.
  10. Real coffee – Melbourne people are a coffee fan, but not any coffee! They are not particularly fans of coffee chain brands. They need the coffee prepared by the experts, preferably. Enjoy in separate artistic cafés. Enjoy elegant coffee with a wide variety of options like Flat white, latte, espresso and mocha.

So hurry up and enjoy the pleasant experience in Melbourne for a satisfying tour.