Must See Things In Melbourne

Melbourne is considered one of the best all-around cities not just in Australia, but also worldwide. Melbourne is a city of culture, coffee, colour and contrast. It is a metropolis which is still a somewhat smaller city and which emphasizes the artistic quality of its dining and lots of historic architecture. Melbourne is a frequent contender to the title of “World’s Most Livable City.” In this article, we discuss the top 10 “must-see” experiences and sights in Melbourne.

  1. St. Paul’s Cathedral – The St Paul Cathedral was built in 1868 as a place of worship of members of the Catholic Archdiocese as a spectacular example of Gothic style architecture. In a convenient position near the main shopping areas in Melbourne, and other landmarks such as Federation Square and Flinder’s Street Station, the Cathedral itself is huge. It is well-kept with an inspiring feeling that can only be revealed truly upon your visit. The entry to the cathedral is free. It gives you a spiritual, relaxed and eye-catching escape from the heat of the city. Enjoy the warm welcome from the St. Paul’s Cathedral on a hot summer day.
  2. Werribee Open Range Zoo – The Werribee Open Range Zoo is easily one of the best in the nation and has been designed for the imitation of an authentic African savannah. It is located only 30 minutes away from the centre of Melbourne, offering a unique wildlife experience that most zoologic facilities in Australia do not offer. Located in a large 225 hectare, the zoo is particularly attentive to creating realistic displays and efforts to contain a wide range of safari animals.
  3. Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens – Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens is a truly imposing feat of the landscape, providing a picturesque environment spanning over 36 hectares, a huge display of over 50,000 plants. Regardless of the time of the year, you visit, you can see a variety of plant collections. Take part in unique tours and appreciate why it is known as one of the best gardens in the world and is listed annually amongst the most popular tourist attractions in Melbourne.
  4. Eureka Skydeck – Melbourne’s Eureka Skydeck is, like many other towers situated in towns around the world, a great place to begin the first visit to Melbourne by anyone. It offers quick access to your the city from a viewpoint of the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower. The distance from the top of the tower as the highest observing platform in the entire southern hemisphere comprises a 360° panorama of Melbourne and its attractions. Watch attractions such as the MCG, picturesque Dandenongs Ranges from the vantage point.
  5. The Dandenong Ranges – One of the truly hidden jewels of Melbourne/Victoria, the underrated Dandenong Ranges should remain an essential part of each visitor of Victoria’s itinerary. A spectacular range with a mix of a luxuriant Australian rain forest, beautiful walking paths and numerous small towns full of quaint shops are a must to visit. It is just a 30–45-minute drive from Melbourne. The Dandenongs Ranges are a great way to get out of the city and spend a day out in the vicinity of nature with friends or family. There are several things to do in the Dandenongs Ranges including a variety of walks, providing you with a close view of the giant forests of Mountain Ash, waterfalls, picnic areas and secret historic areas.
  6. Melbourne Zoo – An easy way to reach most of Melbourne. Melbourne Zoo’s facilities are one of the best wilderness facilities in Australia. Standing as an international facility, the result of both a large amount of attention and large money investment, the Melbourne Zoo is spread over a large distance. The animals in the interior have ample room for comfort and movements. It is divided into different zones of animals that reflect their location around the world. Visitors to the zoo will be able to return to nature’s many wonders while being only 4 km away from the city centre of Melbourne.
  7. City Circle Tram – This free City Circle Tram service operates in the Central Business District (CBD) in Melbourne. It is one of the best ways to visit and travel the highlights of the city. Melbourne-area attractions that are very important can be accessed along its routes, such as the Melbourne Aquarium, Old Melbourne Gaol, the Square Federation, the Immigration Museum and many more. The tram itself has an old vintage look which adds to the charm and the authenticity of the ride, and goes from 10 am to 6 pm on Sundays – Wednesdays with extended times from 10 am to 9pam on Thursdays – Saturdays.
  8. The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) – You’ll find an Australian struggling to find at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (or MCG, as more popularly known). It evokes a profound sports memory of cricketing events that took place throughout their life. The MCG is a historical, permanent venue for Australian sports. Numerous blockbuster celebrities host amazing events here. The ground has witnessed historical events such as the 1956 Olympic games, the first ever cricket test match ever played, the 2006 Commonwealth Games, the World Cup 1992, and the countless VFL and AFL Grand Finals. Melbourne has one of Australia’s proudest sports cultures. It is a place that is enormous but still manages to maintain friendly intimacy.
  9. National Gallery of Victoria – Those needing a dose of culture can easily travel to Victoria National Art Gallery in the heart of the CBD in Melbourne. This pristine and beautiful testament to human creativity is one of Melbourne’s monument inflicting glory and joy. It is filled with fantastic art and exhibits throughout the year, as the oldest dedicated art Galerie in Australia opened in 1861. Its series of modern, light-filled galleries ensures that every artwork is fully illuminated. All fans of art and culture, in general, have something for them in this lovely place.
  10. The Shrine of Remembrance – The shrine of remembrance stands as an ongoing tribute to the deceased soldiers and several other servants who sacrificed their lives during the First and Second World War to contribute towards the liberation of Victoria. It is the largest war memorial and perhaps the most well-known landmark in Melbourne. The Shrine is also one of the most active venues for the homage to our heroes and offers more than 120 ceremonies and commemorative services year round. It offers magnificent panoramic views of the city as well as the bay area. Visit for The Shrine of Remembrance for a historically profound and scenic tour.

Hope this helped you make the most of your visit to this diverse and interesting town. We tried to cover all the sights and attractions to meet a vast variety of tastes, but all these things are worth visiting during your time in the capital of Victoria, whatever your interests. So hurry up and visit this amazing city.