Eat & Drink

Experience some of the best restaurants and bars in Melbourne - and make the best of the exclusive deals which are exclusive to Melbourne City Card Holders!

The varied culture and ethnicity of Melbourne - a former British colony - is reflected in its multi-cuisine restaurants too. Picking out only one or two favourite places to eat in Melbourne is impossible but there are a few exceptionally good restaurants ranked top-class by all the Aussies.

Some world famous Chefs who hail from Melbourne, own one or more fine-dining, eateries or cafes in the city that never fail to make it to the list of top 10 restaurants in Melbourne. Apart from all these exquisitely good restaurants in Melbourne, the city has some foreign themed dining places too, that have the authentic dishes from the colourful land of India, soft bakes from France, original flavours of Japan or Tangy spices of Mexican cuisines.

All the restaurants offer various ambience; elegant, cozy, business-like, or artistic which perfectly complement the collection of delicious dishes of their respective menus.You will find innovation combined with class in the bar menu to give an ideal finish to your evening with a perfect beverage.