Check Out Melbourne From The Bird’s Eye View!

Experience the fastest elevator trip in the southern hemisphere in Melbourne only at Eureka Skydeck. It is one of the greatest and most visited attractions in Melbourne; It is popular for the exhilarating experience and spectacular views. It is one of the best Melbourne points of interest that one must try during vacations. The whooping height of 300 meters offers some of the best views of this amazing city.

Eureka Skydeck in Melbourne offers great adrenaline rush to the visitors and is sure to impress you with its beauty. The bird’s eye view of the entire city is sure to leave you speechless. You can also stream your experience live with the help of free wi-fi facility available and can even enhance your experience by opting for ‘The Edge’ a glass enclosure that projects out on 88th Floor. The viewfinders at this tourist spot assist you in spotting the attractions in Melbourne city.

Enjoy a breathtaking sunset from ‘The Edge’ – The glass enclosure is suspended at an exhilarating height of 300 meters above ground level. You can also witness the marvelous lights as the sunsets. The whole city illuminates and offers you some of the stunning views of the cityscape. View Melbourne beyond your imagination at this amazing star attraction. The sky deck is one of the popular tourist spot that is open daily between 10 am to 10 pm. The families, as well as kids, love this place due to its grandeur and opulence.

This place is surely a visual treat. The adventurous ride in the fastest elevator is sure to stimulate some great energy in you and offer great adventure too. The booking of Eureka Skydeck is possible to do online or with the help of the Melbourne City Card.

Melbourne City Card is a versatile card, which can be used across Melbourne; This card provides great comfort during your vacation. You can book the tickets without any hassles with the help of this exceptional card. The card is very easy to use. All you need to do is just download the City Card Global app and start enjoying your trip. You can also avail free hop on hop off service in Melbourne with the help of this card. It also offers a great discount on major attractions in Melbourne such as Eureka Sky Deck.

The regular price of Eureka Sky Deck is $23. However, with the Melbourne City Card, you can visit this attraction Free. You can also avail great offers and schemes at major restaurants and nightclubs with the help of Melbourne City Card.