Best Attractions In Melbourne

Melbourne is one of Australia’s most trendy city and is full of art, food, cocktails, sports and shopping. Australia’s cultural capital – Melbourne embraces diverse cultures. Melbourne has created a gradual fusion of cultures that defines the chic and the flair of Melbourne. Following are the best attractions to witness in your stay in Melbourne.

  1. Natural Attractions – Experience Fitzroy’s natural attractions with its amazing grass spreading across the entire area and colourful flora and trees. Ideal for a relaxing walk, lying in the sun or having a great picnic. Cruise down the river Yarra into the heart of the town from the outer parts of the town. This activity is a great way for a picturesque trip to learn more about Melbourne.
  2. Architecture – Architecture is fantastic in Melbourne, with buildings dispersed in both historical and modern styles. See for its deep-rooted elegance the Royal Exhibition House, the House and the Princess Theater. The Eureka Tower and Federation Square are Melbourne’s best modern buildings. Melbourne churches have also been renowned for their architecture and history. Visit the cathedral of St. Patrick’s or the cathedral of St. Paul, for witnessing beauty both inside and out.
    Food and Culture – Take your heels to Chinatown, the town’s small cultural haven. Complete the belly appetite with the awesome dumplings for which the whole of Melbourne is more than enthusiastic. Come and enjoy some of the city’s great cocktails – visit the hidden bars around. Melbourne offers wonderful city life and nightlife as well as an excellent base on which to go for a day trip to Victoria’s outdoor areas.
  3. Coastal Pleasures – Take the Great Ocean Road to enjoy the spectacular views of the coast. Take the Great Ocean Road for a perfect picturesque day and see the lovely view of the sea. Along the route of the winding cliffs, let your hair blow as you breathe the salty air. Take Yarra Valley adventure to taste a delicious local wine from a selection of grapes. Trek from the city to visit one of Melbourne’s many attractions.
  4. Wild Passions – Why not go to the Island of Phillip to see the incredible small penguins? Visit Phillip Island and see famous little penguins to see some of Victoria’s wonderful animals close by and personally. These blue and white feathered animals are among the smallest and by far the coolest penguins in the world. They spend most of their lives in the ocean, but you can see them on their way into their nests waddling to the shore when the sun goes down.
  5. Other things – Stop by to see the lovely towns on the beach, perhaps enjoy a delicious lunch in the famous areas of Lorne and Apollo Bay. Spot the natural animals among the terrains, such as the famous Kennett river trees in Australia, Koala. Or visit the Great Ocean Road’s natural wonders, including its renowned 12 Apostles.

In Melbourne, there is an attraction for any kind of traveller. Thanks to its lush countryside, delicious cellars, shattering beaches and luxuriant bushlands. Visit the Yarra Valleys wine area for a relaxing day out of the busy city. Just have a quick drink of wine and see the fantastic wildlife surrounding these bodegas.